Passion Innovation Precision

Founded in November 2016 by a group of ex-short track speed skaters who have now transitioned to world leading experts in the fields of equipment and coaching. Nagano skate has quickly become a worldwide leader in precision sharpening equipment specific to speed skating. Nagano Skate’s Frank’s Signature product line has already established itself as reputable high quality products, used in over 15 countries around the world.

Our Mission is to innovate in order to help speed skating become even faster while helping it become a safer sport.

In collaboration with Louis Garneau, we are pleased to offer a new revolutionary speed skating specific helmet, offering the most aerodynamic and secure helmet ever produced for speed skating. Through this partnership we are also working on a development program offering level 5 cut resistant protection skin suits to all levels of speed skating athletes.

The rocker machine developed by Nagano Skate, the Golden rocker, helps easily reproduce precise and customizable rocker templates, giving access to performance adapted profiles to everyone. Greatly improving speed, stability and control for skaters of all abilities.

The Nagano skate Academy, offers coaching and mentorship programs, as well as live seminars and online content covering every important aspects of speed skating from equipment prep and selection to building and implementing multidisciplinary training plans.

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Hey Frank, I received the Jig this Thursday and it’s been so great. I don’t have the same uneveness I had before and it feels proper on the ice. Thank you very much!

Sasha Fathoulin, Membre de l'équipe canadienne