Golden Rocker 1.1


Golden Rocker 1.1 Speed ​​Skating Blade Profiling Machine. Complete package including: Nagano Skate Gold Sharpening Jig, Borazon Cutting Head, Double Templates Set and Rotozip Powerful and Durable Rotating Tools (made by Bosch). Designed and manufactured in Canada.


The new Golden Rocker cradle machine makes all speed skaters accessible to precision and performance curves (cradles). An innovation of the company Nagano Skate. Mounted on a Nagano Skate Gold Sharpening Bracket, this machine is light and portable and gives very precise curves. It makes the curves of the short track and long track skaters and is an appropriate tool for all levels of skaters. Offering unmatched precision with exclusive curves at Nagano Skate, this tool has enjoyed instant popularity. Already several Quebec clubs and national teams use the Golden Rocker. Designed and manufactured in Canada.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 26 x 7 x 12 in


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