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Short Track Skin Suit

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Whether you want a Lycra, a combined suit or simply the IMPERIUM armor suit, We have what you need! 

All our skin suits are designed in Canada by skaters. As always, we are thinking as a skater before selling anything. 

Here are some of our exclusive features:

  1. Combined suit 18% lighter than the competition on any new 2021 Custom skin suit order (With our new 2021 exclusive IMPERIUM)
  2. Offset neck zipper for better comfort
  3. Raised collar for better protection
  4. The back made with an exclusive aerodynamic fabric
  5. Improved lower back cut for when the skater is in the skating position
  6. Anti-friction patches for the inner thigh
  7. Stitching clearance from the back of the knee to the lower leg
  8. Extra leg length and silicone strip for additional protection
  9. High quality technical compression Lycra that reduces the chance of abrasion.

Not sure which size to take? Please have a look at our Size Chart.
Here are a few sizing examples.

Here is our price list: 2021 Price List

For any custom design, please contact Eric Bedard.

Eric Bedard:

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Great product!

Love the design, love the product. Thanks team Nagano for the best service in the business!