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Nagano Skate

Underwear sweater with IMPERIUM - With integrated collar

Underwear sweater with IMPERIUM - With integrated collar

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*Please note that the gray areas in the picture are to demonstrate the locations of the IMPERIUM cut-proof. The final underwear is completely black. 

Here is the Nagano Skate IMPERIUM with cut-proof base layer zones. Zones are strategically located to protect players from the predominant arteries of the human body and vulnerable to areas where player equipment protection is not maximized.

Key points:

- Comfortable
--Cut proof IMPERIUM level 3 (EN388) and ANSI level A3
- Compression lycra
- 6cm neck protection
- 8 cm of upper chest and back protection
- 20 cm wrist protection
- Silicone band on the wrist
- Mesh at the back for better ventilation

Lycra compression: better blood circulation helps to have a better performance.

- Improve athletic performance
- Increases blood circulation to muscles
- Increasing oxygenation during exercise,
- Reduce recovery time.
- Helps eliminate toxins produced during training
- Limits the inflammation present after exercise.

Anti-laceration: Used in speed skating. Level 3 of the EN388 Test is approved by the ISU.

- Cut proof IMPERIUM level 3
- Tear level 4
- Adequate protection to protect hockey players
- IMPERIUM has been added to the inside of the compression lycra for accident-prone areas


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