PEI-Academy Nagano Skate

Activities in Prince Edward Island during the Nagano Skate Academy!

Nestled in the heart of North Rustico , Nagano Skate Academy is a perfect opportunity to combine intensive speed skating training with exploring the wonders of Prince Edward Island. Led by Olympian Courtney Sarault and a team of world-renowned coaches, including Éric Bédard, this camp offers much more than just sports training. Take advantage of your stay to explore the hidden treasures of Prince Edward Island. Here are some activities to inspire you!

North Rustico Beach

What's better than relaxing after an intense workout than a visit to North Rustico Beach ? With its ocean views, this beach offers a perfect time to relax, swim and soak up the summer sun.

Creation of tie-dye clothing in Naufrage

Go on an adventure in Naufrage and unleash your creativity by creating tie-dye clothing on the beach . Soak up the unique atmosphere of this place where the red sand meets the ocean, and leave with unique and colorful memories of your stay in Prince Edward Island.

Watermark Theatre Festival

For a fun evening with the family, don't miss the Watermark Theater Festival . Attend captivating theater performances by local and national artists, and immerse yourself in the island's rich culture.


Beach Goats

A visit to Beach Goats is a must during your stay in Prince Edward Island. Not only is this beach the perfect place for a refreshing swim with the family, but it is also home to a happy troop of goats that add a touch of charm to the experience.



For a true immersion in nature, opt for camping on Prince Edward Island . With its breathtaking landscapes and starry nights, camping is an ideal way to reconnect with nature and create unforgettable memories with family or friends.

The Nagano Skate Academy camps in Prince Edward Island offer an exceptional opportunity for young athletes to develop their skills in speed skating under the guidance of world-renowned coaches such as Courtney Sarault and Éric Bédard. Although the camp's primary focus is sports training, the surrounding North Rustico area offers a wealth of exciting activities for those who want to explore more of this beautiful island. Join us this summer for an experience that combines passion, dedication and the opportunity to discover the best of speed skating in an enchanting setting!

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