Collection: Nagano Skate

Founded in November 2016 by Olympic athletes, Nagano Skate embodies excellence in the world of speed skating. With unrivaled expertise in equipment, coaching and mentoring, our company has established itself as a global leader in this exciting field.

Working closely with renowned Quebec companies, Nagano Skate offers an exclusive range of tailor-made protective equipment, guaranteeing comfort and safety for the most demanding skaters.
Our "Clubs" products offer a complete solution to speed skating organizations, including high quality boots, blades and protective equipment. Additionally, our custom clothing and skins are designed to optimize performance, through innovative designs and cutting-edge materials.

At Nagano Skate, our mission is to constantly innovate to make speed skating faster and safer than ever before. Our revolutionary cradle machine, the Golden Rocker, allows all skaters to access peak performance profiles, improving their speed, stability and control on the ice.