Nagano Skate Ambassadors Club

Nagano Skate Ambassadors Club

Nagano Skate has set up a sponsorship program aimed at promoting speed skating across Canada.

This club is intended primarily for emerging skaters who stand out within their organization.

Thus our representatives will travel across Canada in search of emerging athletes who reflect the spirit of Nagano Skate and who can become the next Ambassadors.

What is the Ambassadors Club?

  • This is a sponsorship program where Nagano Skate provides material assistance to selected skaters.
  • It is also a platform that offers ambassador athletes increased visibility within the Canadian speed skating community.

Who can become an Ambassador?

  • Any young athlete in speed skating, whether they practice long track or short track.

How do you become an Ambassador?

  • Ambassadors do not need to be at the top of their category. At Nagano Skate we want to highlight athletes who stand out for their work ethic and positive attitude.
  • Our teams will be on the lookout for athletes as they travel to various competitions in Canada.
  • Club coaches will also be involved since they will be consulted if an athlete from their club is selected.

What does it mean to be an Ambassador?

The word says it all, Ambassador is to represent the values ​​conveyed by Nagano Skate. It is to participate in the influence of the company and the sport.

It’s promoting Nagano Skate and its products on social media while being a positive leader in the speed skating community and in life in general.

** Note that for the moment the ambassadors have already been selected. We will be posting here shortly a nomination form for the selection of future ambassadors.

We thank all skaters for their interest.