Comment monter des lames de courte piste?

How to mount short track blades?

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Installing new short track blades

  • Step 1: Equipment
    • Having the right equipment on hand is essential. If you do not own the right equipment, your local speed skating club or skate shop (Nagano Skate) may have the right tools to help you!
    • 10mm wrench (metric) OR ⅜” Key (Imperial)...depends on the bolt model used.
    • 4 bolts and 4 nuts. [check if the nuts are already installed in the boot]  They should always be included with the purchase of new boots (NOT the purchase of new blades*)… When shopping for used boots, one should always confirm with the seller that there are indeed 4 bolts and 4 nuts. 
    • Torx key size T20-T25 (to fasten your cups)
    • A pair of short track blades
    • A pair of short track boots
    • Optional: 4 washers for each bolt if necessary. (sometimes the cup slots are too large for the bolt head and a small washer is needed to safely fasten the blade)
  • Step 2: Mounting the cups
    • You should have 4 cups with each pair of short track blades.
    • Including, two taller and larger ones. (Place them at the heel of each blade with the tip of the cup facing the right/outside of the turn when skating.) *NOTE*: cup installation may NOT be the same for every blade model. We recommend placing the small cup on the heel and the large cup on the toe for high-end blade models. Please contact your local skate shop for more information.
    • And two shorter and smaller ones. (Place these at the toe of the blade with the tip of the cup pointing towards the right/outside of the turn when skating)
    • Lightly fasten the cups using the small bolts and nuts that come with the new blades. (Use: T20-T25 Torx key)
    • The small cup bolts should remain loose. (We will screw them completely when the blades are properly installed).


  • Step 3: Mounting the Blades
    • Once the 4 cups are mounted on your blades, you are ready to mount the blades to your boots.
    • Start by screwing the bolts/blades onto your boots. [by hand]
    • For younger skaters, center the two blades with the contour of the boot. (center of toe and center of heel)
    • Use: 10 mm key OR ⅜” key to secure your blades to your boots. (Caution: do NOT over-tighten. Hand tight with the 10mm wrench is enough. There is no need to over-tighten)
    • When the bolts are tight, you can now finish screwing the small bolts on the cups with the Torx T20-T25 key.
    • The final step, once the cups are firmly in place, is to unscrew (slightly) and re-tighten the blade bolts with the 10 mm wrench to properly set the blade in it's final position..

Photo gallery:

Image A : Torx key (T20-T25)


Picture B: 10 mm wrench


Picture C: blade, cups, bolts


 Picture D: Cups (front and back)


Picture E: Mounting the cups (front and back)


 Picture F: Mounting the cups (front and back)


Picture G: Insert the bolts and screw them with T20-T25


Picture H: Screw the bolts by hand


Picture I: Be careful not to strip the bolts


 Image J: Finish with the 10 mm wrench


Image K: Caution, do not overtighten


Picture L: Center the blade correctly



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February 25, 2023 



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