Off season - Patin de vitesse

It’s “off-season” time!

The speed skating season is finally over! After several months of sustained effort, it's time to enjoy a well-deserved break! And this is of capital importance! Both for your mind and your body, the off-season period allows you to take the time necessary to get back in top shape at the start of the next season. Here are three tips that Nagano Skate offers you to take full advantage of it!

1- Heal your wounds

Off season-Patin de vitesse/Speed skating
After several intense months, your body may have accumulated some injuries. Take the time to take care of them so that they don't compromise your next season. Call in specialists if necessary and be kind to yourself. Showing empathy towards yourself will go a long way in helping you recover quickly. Remember that you ask a lot of your body during the season, so it's important to listen to it in return!

2- Rest while remaining active! 

Off season- Speed skating/Speed skating Although it's tempting to stop everything and just slouch on your couch every day, this won't promote optimal rest! Take advantage of this less intense period to reduce the number of physical activities as well as their intensity. However, don't stop completely! We recommend trying new sports and staying active.
But why should I keep moving when I finally have the chance to do nothing? We have an answer! The benefits of physical activity have been scientifically proven to also have a positive impact on mental health. We think this is important to you, which is why you should keep moving. It's the perfect time to discover new activities. We even have a list for you!
Examples of physical activities to do: hiking, cycling, running, swimming, tennis, badminton, yoga, martial arts classes, spikeball, in-line skating.

3- Learn about various topics

Off season- Speed skating/Speed skating The routine is well established, especially during the competition season. The off-season is a good time to learn more about our shortcomings or simply new topics. Take advantage of this calmer period where there is less pressure to change some of your behaviors and adopt new lifestyle habits! This can concern several themes such as diet, mental performance, mental health, sleep, meditation, or even the balanced use of your screens! We invite you to find out more specifically about any of these topics that interest you.
With that, happy “off-season” everyone!
By us, for you. #teamns
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