Nos sous-vêtements de hockey se retrouvent dans les médias!

Our hockey underwear is in the media!

 Created by Nagano Skate

For several months, Nagano has been offering a range of innovative products dedicated to hockey, including anti-cut suits and underwear specially designed for this sport. Although our products quietly began to gain notoriety, their popularity exploded following the tragic death of Adam Johnson, a hockey player who played in the England Elite League. He died from a blade cut to the throat.
As a supplier of products aimed at preventing such accidents, they quickly attracted great interest. Many hockey teams called on us, and this growing demand generated significant media coverage, to the point where we temporarily had difficulty fulfilling all orders.
As our production has adapted and we will soon be ready to supply the requested quantities, here are several links to articles, interviews and videos in which the quality and safety of our anti-cut suits and underwear have been put forward.  We encourage you to consult them to learn more about our products.


 Link to the TVA news article: 


Link to the Radio-Canada article:

A little more about Nagano Skate
Founded in November 2016 by former speed skaters who have become experts in equipment, coaching and mentoring, Nagano Skate stands out as a world leader in sharpening equipment, protection and racing clothing used in more than 'around fifteen countries. In addition, the Nagano Skate Academy offers young people specialized training camps where the coaches are skaters who have had a career in speed skating.
Nagano Skate by skaters for skaters!


Friday December 22, 2023
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