La FPVQ et Nagano Skate, partenaires pour le développement du patinage de vitesse québécois

The FPVQ and Nagano Skate, partners for the development of Quebec speed skating

The Fédération de patinage de vitesse du Québec (FPVQ) and Nagano Skate have entered into a two-year partnership agreement, positioning the Quebec company as one of the official sponsors of Quebec speed skating.

This partnership will help the FPVQ in its mission to introduce speed skating to more Quebecers through an agreement concerning, among other things, equipment.

In addition, the FPVQ and Nagano Skate are also partners in the new L'Étincelle program which, thanks to significant support from the Government of Quebec's Kino-Quebec financial assistance program, will enable 1,000 students from six (6) schools to '' try speed skating in the company of an Olympic medalist and coaches from the speed skating club associated with the school. L’Étincelle is on its first laps and partners FPVQ and Nagano Skate plan to share it with more students over the next few years.

“This partnership with Nagano Skate is most natural for us. As a provincial federation, we want to continue to develop our sport and offer the chance to more young Quebecers to try speed skating. The agreement with Nagano Skate gives us more tools to reach out to young people and maybe create a spark. »- Robert Dubreuil, Director General of the FPVQ

“As a Quebec company founded by Olympic speed skating champions, this new partnership with the Federation of speed skating of Quebec fits perfectly with our main mission, which is to innovate to make speed skating one of the fastest and fastest growing sports. more secure. We live for this sport and we want to make it discover and bring our modest contribution to its development! »- François Drolet, Managing Director of Nagano Skate.

Starting at the end of October, the L’Étincelle program will be launched in schools across Quebec. More information on this will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Fédération de patinage de vitesse du Québec :

Nagano Skate:

François-Olivier Roberge
Directeur communications et développement
Fédération de patinage de vitesse du Québec C. 418 576-5800

François Drolet
Responsable du programme L'Étincelle

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