Nagano Skate "Ignite the Spark"

With the launch of the brand new "The Spark" program in collaboration with the Quebec Speed Skating Federation, Nagano Skate lays another stone towards its goal of promoting speed skating in Quebec.

Indeed, the program offers students from schools in some regions of Quebec to discover this sport in the company of an Olympic medalist. The students will take part first in a conference day and then in speed skating exercise sessions in gymnasiums where physical education teachers will also be in the game. Then will come the long-awaited moment when the youngsters will put on the long blade skates in collaboration with the local speed skating club. 

Here is a concrete example of synergy between partners with a common goal of promoting healthy lifestyles and discovering a new sport.

Remember that the program is in its first year and that it was able to see the light of day thanks to partners such as the Quebec Speed Skating Federation and the Government of Quebec's Kino-Quebec financial assistance program. 

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