Lancement du nouveau site Web

New website launch

A breath of fresh air at Nagano Skate!

It is with enthusiasm and also a touch of pride that we are launching our brand new website!

Indeed, with the good growth of Nagano Skate, we needed to bring our website up to date not only, but essentially to make it much more efficient at the transactional level. We therefore took advantage of the "pandemic break" to update our site so that your shopping experience meets your needs and expectations.

Thus, all our products are carefully listed and updated in real time. It will therefore be easier for you to consult them, but also to inform yourself about them. Our collections are easily found there to facilitate your research. Whether you are a skater or an equipment manager for a speed skating club, you will find what you are looking for efficiently. Your shopping experience will be even more enhanced since the site has been designed and adapted to offer more speed and thus optimize your transaction. In addition, contact with the professionals of our team will be much more user-friendly thanks to the instant messaging tool included on the site.

The latest news, details from Nagano Skate Academies, news related to speed skating, and articles written especially for you will complement the content of the site to offer you a space 100% dedicated to speed skating.

Welcome to the new Nagano Skate era!

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