Les produits Garmin maintenant disponibles chez Nagano Skate!

Garmin products now available at Nagano Skate

Welcome to Nagano Skate!


The Nagano Skate boutique in Quebec City has newly aligned itself with Garmin International Inc. to become an Authorized Garmin Dealer at the Centre de Glaces Intact Assurance. This partnership has become official as of January 2024 and by May 2024 the partnership will be fully operational at the skate shop in Quebec City as well as on our website for Canadian customers only.


Our Nagano Skate representatives are happy to announce that they will carry a variety of Garmin products and accessories in store and online. If ever you have trouble finding the specific product you are searching for, simply visit Garmin.ca to find the item and message Jonah Hurtubise (jhurtubise@naganoskate.com) directly with the following information:

Our Garmin products: HERE

  • Product name (ex: Forerunner)
  • Model (ex: 265)
  • Colour (ex: Black Bezel and Case with Black/Powder Gray Silicone Band)
  • Part number (ex: 010-02810-00) *can be found on Garmin.ca
  • Any other relevant details


Nagano Skate will happily special order your Garmin product so it arrives in a timely fashion at your local skate shop here in Quebec City. Note, Canadian shipping options are also available.

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