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Are you looking for some speed skating club custom apparel? We have everything you need. From custom skin suits to custom jackets and pants, we can make anything possible for your club!

Working in collaboration with MAGNAN Culture Cycliste, a Quebec company, Nagano Skate offers a range of custom protective gear for speed skating. The new Nagano Skate custom clothing is designed to combine comfort, performance and efficiency thanks to unique designs and innovative fabrics. Like all other products bearing the Nagano Skate signature, Nagano Skate clothing will ensure a head start in achieving everyone’s goals

Nagano Skate’s main mission is to innovate to make speed skating a faster and safer sport

Here are some of our exclusive features:

  1. Combined suit 18% lighter than the competition (With the new 2021 IMPERIUM)
  2. Offset neck zipper for better comfort
  3. Raised collar for better protection
  4. The back made with an exclusive aerodynamic fabric
  5. Improved lower back cut for when the skater is in the skating position
  6. Anti-friction patches for the inner thigh
  7. Stitching clearance from the back of the knee to the lower leg
  8. Extra leg length and silicone strip for additional protection
  9. High quality technical compression Lycra that reduces the chance of abrasion.
  10. Design fees included in the awesome price (Charges may apply if skins are designed and not ordered)


If you need more information or you simply want to request a free quote, please contact Eric immediately.

You can also simply contact us via the contact form.

We do not charge any design fees at any moment in the process, so the only thing you need to do is ask for a quote! (Charges may apply if skins are designed and not ordered.

 *** Free shipping doesn't apply on custom skin suits orders***

Download our price list: Price list 2022-2023

Download the skin suit Skin Size Chart

For the jacket size chart: Jacket Size Chart 2022-2023

For fleece pants size chart: To come

Having difficulties figuring out which size you should choose?

Feel free to contact us with your sizing or have a look at some of the Size Chart examples