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Are you looking for custom apparel for your speed skating club? We have everything you need. From custom skins to custom coats and pants, we can make it all possible for your club!

Nagano Skate offers a range of custom protective gear for speed skating. The new Nagano Skate custom clothing is designed to combine comfort, performance and efficiency through unique designs and innovative fabrics. Like all other Nagano Skate signature products, Nagano Skate apparel will keep you a step ahead in achieving everyone's goals.

Nagano Skate's main mission is to innovate to make speed skating a faster and safer sport.

Here are some of our exclusive enhancements:

  1. Very light and comfortable IMPERIUM wetsuit
  2. Offset zipper at the neck for better comfort
  3. Raised collar for better protection
  4. The back in exclusive aerodynamic fabric
  5. Improved lower back cut when skater is in skating position
  6. Anti-chafing patches for the inner thigh
  7. Seam clearance from back of knee to lower leg
  8. Extra leg length and silicone band for extra protection
  9. High quality technical compression lycra that reduces the risk of abrasion.
  10. Graphics fees included in the exceptional price (Charges may apply if skins are designed and not ordered)
  11. Impeccable before and after-sales service 


If you need more information or just want to request a free quote, please contact Eric immediately.

***Free shipping does not apply on custom orders***

You can also contact us through the contact form.

We do not charge design fees at any point in the process, so just ask for a quote! (Charges may apply if skins are designed and not ordered)


To download the Price list - 2023-2024

To download the Skins size chart

For the size chart of personalized coats: Fleece jacket size chart

For custom pants: Pants Size Chart

For "puffy" style coats: Puffy Chart

For custom sandals: Sandals Chart

Having trouble deciding which size to choose?
Do not hesitate to contact us with your sizes or to take a look at our examples of the size chart

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