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CBC Onyx ST Boots

CBC Onyx ST Boots

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CBC's newest short track boot model: The ONYX.

The CBC Short Track ONYX answers the call for an affordable, entry-level CBC short track boot designed specifically for the following markets:

    • Growing kids

    • Beginners and/or recreational skaters wearing a size 42 boot or smaller

If you're brand new to the sport, or a parent of a growing kid looking for a short track boot that a) won't have your kid in tears due to discomfort, b) won't break the bank and c) will help your kid progress faster in the sport, than the ONYX is for you.  

Note: The ONYX boot is less stiff than our Element and Genesis boots and does not provide the same level of support as our higher impact Element and Genesis models. 


If you are a competitive skater training 3 or more days a week, please see our ELEMENT and GENESIS models. If you wear a boot size of 43 or larger, please see our ELEMENT and GENESIS models.

CBC has two World's Best Fitting Last types: standard and "wide." Generally speaking, our high performance boots are narrower than competing brands by design. Why? Because narrower boots allow for more space in the lean in the corners; i.e. less chance of contact with the ice. We offer a "wide" version of our boot to accommodate those who require the extra space and/or for those looking for more of a comfort fit in their high performance boot. ALL ONYX BOOTS ARE BUILT ON THE WIDE LAST AND THEREFORE OFFER A COMFORT FIT.

What sets the ONYX apart from equivalent boots in competing brands? Its sleek, eye-catching appearance, for one. But more importantly, like the ELEMENT and GENESIS, the ONYX is hand-built on "CBC's World's Best Fitting Last." What does that mean? CBC's proprietary lasts (the form used to build the boot on) were created based on data gathered from over 10 years worth of custom speed skate scans. In addition to providing the best average fit, our lasts account for some of the most commonly seen issues in speed skaters’ feet. As such, CBC's boots hands-down (no pun intended) provide the best average fit available on the market today.

Product Specifications

  • Training impact: LOW
  • CBC's World's Best Fitting Last - WIDE VERSION
  • 2.5% toe lift to increase stability during corner entries and exits
  • Fiberglass support shell
  • Microfiber interior lining
  • High impact epoxy laminating system
  • Orthopedic grade cushioning system
  • Ballistic nylon supported closure system
  • Double Nickel plated D-Rings

Size Chart:

How to fit your boots CBC Video: À REGARDER!

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