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Nagano Skate

Starting Combo

Starting Combo

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De-burring option

The combo includes a Silver Jig 2.1 and a Diamond Sharpening Starter Set.

Silver Jig:
Frank's Signature Silver Jig 2.1  offers the best value on the market. Designed and manufactured in Quebec, it is light (4.4 lbs/ 2kg) and offers a very high quality sharpening. Made of high-density aluminum and machined in a very precise manner, its unique fixing mechanism minimizes tension on the blades and ensures that the 2 blades are always positioned at 90 degrees.

The Silver 2.1 version is compatible with any blades.

It is the recommended choice of Charles Hamelin and François Drolet.

Diamond starting kit:
The set includes:

- 1 Two Sided Plate 2″ Blue-Red (400-600)

And the choice between:

-1 Frank's Signature flexible de-burring plate Red (600-600) 
-1 Frank's Signature 2-sided de-burring tool 1x1 Bleu-Red (400-600)

Frank's signature 2-sided flexible diamond de-burring plates will allow you to remove the burr on both sides of your blade at the same time.

These plates from 1″ x 1″ are mounted on a flexible surface to conform to the shape of the blade.

The blue and red plates represent the heart of the sharpening process. This set is the first product you can get to go diamond sharpening.

Frank's Signature diamond plates are simply the best and most durable diamond sharpening products on the market. The high quality diamond is positioned to ensure surface uniformity and therefore optimal and consistent sharpening results.

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