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Fēnix® 7s Pro – Sapphire Solar Edition (42mm)

Fēnix® 7s Pro – Sapphire Solar Edition (42mm)

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fēnix® 7s Pro – Sapphire Solar Edition 42mm


Enjoy every hour of the day with advanced workout features, continuous health and wellness tracking, and up to a month of battery life with Power Sapphire solar glass  and a robust housing designed to last.

Available in 42mm/47mm/51mm.

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The Fenix 7 family is offered in 3 models of different sizes:

  • - Fenix 7s (small 42 mm)

  • - Fenix 7 (standard 47mm)

  • - Fenix 7x (large 51 mm)

Difference between Fenix ​​7 and Fenix ​​7 Pro?:

  • - Pro = “V5 Elevate” heart rate sensor technology.

  • - Not a Pro model  = “V4 Elevate” heart rate sensor technology.

Four different exterior design models to choose from:

  1. Standard: Standard Corning Gorilla Glass / Stainless Steel Bezel / Silicone Bands.
  2. Solar glass: solar powered glass lens/stainless steel bezel/silicone bands.
  3. Sapphire solar glass: a more durable sapphire + DLC “Diamond-Like Carbon” bezel / solar powered lens / silicone bands.
  4. Titanium and sapphire solar lens: The most durable. Titanium and sapphire bezel / Solar Power lens / silicone straps.
  • If we compare the Fenix ​​7 family with the Forerunner 965, we will find that the Fenix ​​7 wearables are equipped with longer lasting battery life and have improved battery saving options available in the settings. the watch.
  • A raised bezel finish that allows for greater durability and lens protection.
  • Stainless steel support.
  • The Fenix ​​7 series features Garmin's MIP Display technology which enables "Solar Glass" technology (on select models) and a sleek, durable look.


- For high-end Garmin wearables such as Fenix ​​7 and Epix Pro (Gen2) series, customer should do their own homework:

  •  What are your goals as an athlete and as an individual?
  •  Do you train primarily indoors or outdoors?
  •  Do you have a preference for vibrant displays or a more neutral display?
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