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Nagano Skate

Gold Package - Diamond Sharpening set

Gold Package - Diamond Sharpening set

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Frank's Signature diamond sharpening Gold Set.
The set includes:

-1 two-sided sharpening plate 3" Black-Blue, (140-400)
-1 two-sided sharpening plate 3" Red-Gold, (600-1200)
-1 two-sided de-burring plate 1"x1" Black-Blue (140-400)
-1 two-sided de-burring plate 1"x1" Red-Gold (600-1200)

This set is simply one of the best set of Nagano Skate. This one will allow you to make your sharpening from the beginning to the end, and this without oil, water or any lubricant. Frank's signature diamond plates are a revolution in the world of speed skating. Made with exclusive diamond sheets, they are extremely effective. They allow precision sharpening of optimal quality with consistent results. Equipped with a diamond of excellent durability, they require no lubricant nor maintenance. A simple blow of dry cloth is enough to clean it.

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