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We often call the 4G boots the "Semi-Custom" boots. They are very similar to custom boots but without the price that often goes with it.

The GB19 is made with same good quality materials of the GB17 but with real leather.

After all the experience gained by Groothuis by making custom shoes, they have now developed a standard ice skate boot. The shoes are manufactured in the same way like their custom boots. The difference is that they are made on a standard last developed by Groothuis. The speed skate boots are entirely thermoplastic and perfect moldable to your feet.

Groothuis has developed a high quality standard shoe. These are produced using the same methods and technologies as their custom shoes, but with standard shapes. The standard shoes are made to the same level of quality as the custom skates.

The main difference between the standard and a custom skate is the
shape, the standard skate is constructed around a standardized last.
This means that if you order a standard skate then you will not be
required to have your feet plaster molded. Also, the shoe is provided in
a fixed design and solid color. There are two choices of color; black with
white detailing or white with black detailing.

The carbon shell of these shoes is produced in a normal hardness, giving
a great feeling on the ice. The torsion in the shoe gives good
maneuverability of the shoe.

For a better standard fit these shoes are created by using a precise
anatomically produced last, this allows the best fit and function possible.

The shoe is created fully thermoplastic which means that is can easily
be customized using a heat molding procedure.

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