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M-Wave - Flex

M-Wave - Flex

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The ST M-Wave blade offers superior grip while maintaining high levels of control and feel. The new "M" mounting technology has 3 mounting points for increased rigidity and better feel.  The Flex FlatTop version is the most flexible, you'll feel the blade spinning on the ice for you and generate pressure. Ideal for lighter skaters or those who like to feel the blade working for them. The Flex FlatTop blade is even more flexible than the standard Flex. The Firm is the firmest of the three models. It is therefore suitable for the heaviest skaters.


  • Name of the blade: ST M-Wave - Flex
  • Available Models: Firm, Flex or Flex FlatTop
  • Tube: Anodized aluminium tube 7000
  • Height: 36mm / 38mm
  • Blade: 1.1mm thick, 62-64HRC BiMetal for Flex or PM for Firm
  • Blade: 62-64HRC maintains excellent edge quality and
  • Pre-Bend
  • Height of the blade: +1mm for Flex and +3 for Firm
  • More info at:
  • Sizes 16" to 18"
  • Available cups: -2mm to +6mm
  • Order of rigidity:
    1. Firm
    2. Flex
    3. Flex FlatTop

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Albert Kisala, Selon mon garçon les lames sont efficaces et le patin du côté gauche glissé plus .

Oui, les services sont impeccables, malheureusement, je me demande si la commande de ma fille était passé à un mauvais moment car jusqu’à maintenant, les lames 16’’ ne sont pas encore terminées.
En réalité, j’apprécie les services à 100%.
Merci et bonne .