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Otto - Flex FlatTop

Otto - Flex FlatTop

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Bridge height


***Next generation in short track blades*** 

  • Flex model of the Otto T2
  • HRC 62-64 Rockwell
  • Tube Aluminium 7000
  • Unique bridge system for short track
  • Recommended body weight: Approx. 125lbs and under

The Otto is the result of many years of development initiated by and named after Otto den Braver. It is the first shorttrack skate featuring a bridge construction. By using a bridge instead of standard cups the design overcomes many of the problems with standard shorttrack skates. The bridge creates a rigid construction between the front and back mounting points preventing unwanted tensions caused by inaccuracies in the boots. It also allows the blade to flex more and use it with less bend. Less bend in turn reduces the friction and increases the gliding capabilities at higher speeds.

  • No bending change
  • More stable feeling
  • Better dynamics
  • Quick blade change
  • More customization options (spacing/center of pressure and flex)

More info:

fter feedback of skaters like Shaolin, Wu Dajing and Viktor An we found there is no optimal setup for the skate. You can tune it to your own likings. If you want long powerful strokes you go for a flatter rocker in the middle and a bit less bend than normal (roughly 2 less than the M-Wave on a Marchese style gauge). If you rather want a lot of steering and more agile feeling you can keep a normal rocker with a lot less bend (about 5 less). Also let the bend increase less towards the front.

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