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Nagano Skate

Silver Package - Diamond Sharpening set

Silver Package - Diamond Sharpening set

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Frank's Signature diamond sharpening Silver Package includes:
-A two-sided 3" sharpening plate Blue-Red (400-600)
-A two-sided 2" sharpening plate Black-Gold (140-1200).
-A two-sided de-burring plate Blue-Red (400-600)
-A one-sided de-burring plate Gold (1200)

This set will allow you to do your sharpening from start to finish, without any oil, water or lubricant. Frank's Signature diamond plates are a revolution in the world of speed skating. Made with Nagano Skate exclusive diamond sheets, they are extremely effective. They allow precision sharpening of optimal quality with consistent results. Equipped with a diamond of excellent durability, they require no lubricant or maintenance. A simple blow of dry cloth is enough to clean it.

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