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Starting Package - National Teams Edition

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The National Teams Edition Starting Package includes:

-1 two-sided sharpening plate 2" Blue-Red plate: 2 sheets of Frank's Signature cut in half to expand the lifespan of the diamond of grades 400 and 600 on a corrected aluminum anodized black plate 2" x 10

The choice between
-1 Frank's Signature flexible de-burring plate Red (600-600) 
-1 Frank's Signature 2-sided de-burring tool 1x1 Bleu-Red (400-600)


-One protective pocket (Red or Black)

Frank’s 2-sides folding diamond de-buring plates will allow you to remove the morfil on both sides of your blade at the same time.
These 1" x 1" plates are mounted on a flexible surface to fit the shape of the blade.

The blue and red plates represent the heart of sharpening. This set is the first product to get you to go to diamond sharpening. Frank's Signature diamond plates are simply the best diamond sharpening products on the market and the most durable. The high quality diamond is positioned on dies to ensure uniformity of the surface and therefore optimal and consistent results for sharpening.